crown molding corner blocks

crown molding corner blocks

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Chances are that when you hear the term “manufactured housing,” images float into your mind of low class, unkempt, shabby low income housing. This is an unfortunate misconception of modern manufactured homes. The old days of paper walls, ill fitting windows and doors, and substandard cabinets and finishes are a thing of the past. Today’s manufactured housing would stand up to the scrutiny of even picky would-be homeowners with their quality construction and finishes.

Todays manufactured homes are quality built and adhere to all codes and standards of traditional housing. High-end features such as vaulted ceilings, decorative wall-top shelving, and skylights are commonly found in homes manufactured within the last 10 years. Sheet rock and wallboard is installed with the mud and tape method. Laminate flooring or even natural hardwood is not uncommon. You may also find well-built cabinetry and modern light fixtures, or even custom-built kitchens or laundry rooms. Walk-in closets, and large master bedroom ensuites are also an attractive feature of today’s modern manufactured housing. The old days of having a ceiling and in every room to control temperature has been passed by in favor of efficient heating and cooling systems by many manufacturers, though to keep costs down, you can still get a home with ceiling fans if you prefer to go that route. Get to know more about various kinds of stucco trim design ideas that may help you beautify your windows and doors at

Rather than the old-fashioned little box windows, you may find beautiful Bay Windows in the living room, French doors between the kitchen and family room, or even sliding glass doors from the dining room to a rear deck. Any of the attractive features you could find in a traditional home are possible to find in manufactured housing, only at a much more affordable price. You will likely find contractor grade cabinets and windows, rather than designer brands in order to make it possible to keep prices affordable. You may find higher quality simulated granite laminate countertops, rather than granite, laminate wood floors rather than hardwood, and so on, but the overall quality and appearance will provide a home you can be proud of.

These days you will find that the exterior finishes are more comparable to traditional homes as well. Decorator touches such as stucco trim, brick work, or stone facings can be requested on a custom built modular home, or added to an existing one to dress it up. The newer skirtings have more of a permanent feel as well. Rather than the old fashioned corrugated aluminum sheeting, the materials are integrated to match the color, texture and style of the exterior walls for a more cohesive look. Today’s manufactured homes are something you can take pride in.