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UK Property Investment company CrownHomz are set to launch exciting new opportunities to their International client base. The UK Property Investment market has moved exceptionally well for the seasoned investor, out performing all asset classes over the last 50 Years. UK Properties that were only tens of thousands around 40-50 years ago will now openly command hundreds of thousands of pounds on the open market. Savvy Investors that have used the Banks mortgage products to finance property purchases have come up trumps. With Rental demands that remain strong, UK properties are rented on Average for 18 months meaning that over a 3 year period you should see, just one tenant change. This gives developers a strong hand in assuring their clients a set rental return over a 3 – 5 year period. This Paves the way to making Uk property Investment, some of the best performing in the world and in fact out performing UK pensions. What we have seen in the past, even when the country in faced by financial crisis, is that, there maybe a short fluctuation in pricing, as Investors scramble to allocate free funds. But otherwise the property market has always made a strong recovery and moved in some cases as much as 30% in 1 year !!! The property consultants at Crownhomz take time to understand their clients needs matching size of property , type , budget and most importantly assisting their clients achieve there investment aims over a set period of time , without stretching their budget . CrownHomz works very closely, with some of the most lucrative property developers in the UK. Emerging property cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham, are fast becoming Hotspots of rental returns out performing London’s property bubble which has for years been the pinnacle of the UK Property market.


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