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Blast My Deals is a platform for businesses to promote their current promotions, seasonal offers or best deals. Although the deals are posted by sellers, members control the popularity of a deal by voting it as either “up” or ”down”. The concept is to rocket launch your deal to the top of the page to be seen by thousands of customers.
When you find an awesome deal be sure to hit the Speed Up button. Speeding up a deal will increase the height of the post on the homepage. Measured in feet, once a deal passes 100ft it will become airborne and given maximum exposure to those entering the site. However, if you find a deal that isn’t great because it has expired, doesn’t work or i isn’t correct, hit the Slow Down button. This will decrease the height of the deal and reduce its visibility. To ensure all votes are fair members are requested to leave a brief comment detailing why they hit the Slow Down button.


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