Data Recovery Lab Expands Lab Facilities

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  2. October 21, 2012 1:45 pm

Data Recovery Lab expand their existing lab facilities in London

Oct 07, 2012- In a recent move to expand their data recovery services, Data Recovery Lab have launched their new website (Hard Drive Recovery Lab) following the extensive upgrade of their existing London lab. The newly expanded data recovery lab facilities will offer more capacity and enable more technicians to carry out complex and advanced operations. With the new hard drive recovery facilities, private and business customers and resellers will benefit from a faster, more efficient and more streamlined data recovery service experience. Additionally, the upgraded lab facilities will enable lab technicians to improve and increase their research and development projects in addition to equipping them with the ability to recover data from the new generation of fast hybrid SSD (Solid State Disks) NAND flash hard drives increasingly used in PCs, Macs, video cameras, media players, CCTVs, external hard drives and USB, SAS, eSATA and NAS data storage devices.

Nowadays the use of either electro-mechanical, SSD or hybrid hard drives are not limited to computers and more and more digital devices, gadgets and even household appliances use hard drives and SSD flash data storage units in their structure. Therefore computer and smart device users can occasionally experience loss of data as a result of malfunction of the hard disk built in these devices due to shock or an electro-mechanical fault. In such circumstances, Hard Drive Recovery Lab technicians can help their customers or resellers recover all the lost data using its new advanced data recovery lab facilities in London.

Data Recovery Lab started their London-based data recovery services business in 2001 with a highly qualified team of hard drive recovery experts.  Over a thousand partner computer companies have used their advanced lab facilities by reselling data recovery services in the UK ever since.

As a result of the new lab expansion, Data Recovery Lab is signing up new IT companies and computer repair centres in the UK and the Middle East as partners and resellers. Interested parties can get more information or join the Data Recovery Partnership Programme by visiting Data Recovery Partners page here.

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